Terms & Conditions


The booking should be done at least 24 hours before the journey.

Other than the base fare extra charges such as toll gates,parking,driver expenses and halt charges as appplicable should be paid by the passenger.

Booking charges of Rs 500 will be collected during booking or else the booking will be termed as cancelled.

Cancellation if any shall be done prior 24 hours of journey and any advance paid will be refunded back except the booking charges.


•The rider/driver should have a valid driving license issued by The Government authorities .

•The rider/driver should wear helmet/seatbelt and follow all the traffic rules while using our vehicles.

•The rider/driver is responsible for any fines/penalty issued by traffic authorities in case of violation of rules and is liable to pay for it.

•The rider/driver is responsible for any mishap that occurred to our vehicle during his/her use and is liable to pay for it or repair it.

•Security charges as applicable shall be colllected while taking delivery of the vehicle and will be returned back when the vehicle is returned back.

•While taking the delivery of the vehicle one should produce his/her original driving license and Aadhaar card.